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1st day
June 7, 2017

2nd day
June 8, 2017

3rd day
June 9, 2017

Time Session
13:45 - 14:15
Registration and Welcome Coffee
14:15 - 14:30
Welcome Address
14:30 - 16:00
Parallel workshops and tours

Learn How To Kickstart A Co-Working Platform At Your Campus
Learn how to kickstart a co-working platform at your campus
Mikko Korpela (Business Arena Oy), Toni Pienonen (Business Arena Oy)

University-Business Cooperation Workshop
University-Business Cooperation Workshop
Todd Davey (, Arno Meerman (UIIN), Victoria Galan Muros (OECD)

University-Industry Interaction In Smart Specialisation - RIS3 Implementation
University-Industry Interaction in Smart Specialisation – a workshop by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
Mark Boden (European Commission – Joint Research Centre), Marina Ranga (European Commission – Joint Research Centre)

ACEEU Seminar – Accreditation Council For Entrepreneurial & Engaged Universities
ACEEU Seminar – Accreditation Council For Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities
Thorsten Kliewe (ACEEU)

Learning From Entrepreneurial Experiences
Learning from Entrepreneurial Experiences


Science & Innovation Tour at Dublin Institute of Technology - Greenway Hub
Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Dublin Institute of Technology

Science & Innovation Tour at University College Dublin
Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to University College Dublin

Science & Innovation Tour at Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Microsoft & Dog Patch Lab
Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Microsoft & Dog Patch Lab (

Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Irish Distillers (producer of e.g. Jameson) & Diageo (producer of e.g. Guinness)
Science & Innovation Tour: Visit to Irish Distillers and Diageo

16:00 - 16:30
Coffee & networking
16:30 - 18:00
Parallel workshops and tours (cont.)
Workshops / tours

Continuation of the workshops (see above)
18:00 - 20:45
Free time (hotel check-in, dinner ...)
20:45 - 23:00
Social activity
Informal get together
Time Session
8:30 - 9:10
Networking area
Conference registration and warm-up coffee
9:10 - 9:45
Welcome address by organisers
9:45 - 10:45
Panel discussion

Dr. Søren Bregenholt
Corporate Vice President, R&D External Relations at Novo Nordisk

Mark Jefferies
Chief of University Research Liaison, Rolls-Royce Group

Dr Joe De Sousa
Director Science & Technology, Global Product Development, AstraZeneca

Moderated by

Jacyl Shaw
Director of Engagement, Carlton Connect Initiative, University of Melbourne
10:45 - 11:15
Networking area
Coffee & networking break
11:15 - 12:45
Parallel tracks
Scientific: Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem
Zone Learning at Ryerson University: The Ecosystem Fostering Entreprenuership, Creativity, and Change
Kelly McShane (Ryerson University)

The Role of Mature Firms in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Ellen Farrell (Sobey School of Business)

Imbedding NetMIB in the entrepreneurial ecosystem context - How to make entrepreneurial capacity building in a university setting sustainable
Zsolt Bedo (University of Pecs), Katalin Erdos (University of Pecs)

Is the creation strategy of university research parks mirrored in their mission statement? An exploratory study
Adrián Guerrero (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Carolin Plewa, Deputy Director - Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at The University of Adelaide (Adelaide Business School)

Scientific: SMEs/Businesses in university-business cooperation
What do SMEs really think about University-Industry Collaboration on Innovation? A study of renewable energy clusters in 11 countries
Jenny Ure (Cluster2Cluster)

The Microfoundations of Absorptive Capacity in University Industry Relationships
Will Geoghegan (Syracuse University)

SMEs’ open innovation: A simplified cross-case analysis
Ekaterina Albats (Lappeenranta University of Technology)

Public Funding for University-Industry Interaction and the Innovation Outcomes: Evidences from Brazilian Firms
Daniel Pedro Puffal (UNISINOS)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Thomas Baaken, Director at Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre

Practitioner: Educating the leaders, researchers and employees of tomorrow
Developing Agile Leaders For A Turbulent World
Jens Meyer (CEDEP)

From Program to University to Region: Expanding the Scale and Scope of Experiential Innovation and Enterprise Education
Margaret Ledwith (Flinders University), Matt Salier (New Venture Institute, Flinders University)

Spaces to Learn: A Cross-disciplinary Lens On How HE Learning Environments Shape Transferable Behaviours
Kate Hammer (Throughline), Wayne Head (Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture)

Innovation Pilot – To Improve Innovation Competences Of Engineering Students
Hanne Løje (Technical University of Denmark)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Alan McGrath, Senior Manager at Higher Education Autority (Skills and Engagement)

Practitioner: The role and experience of ECIU universities in regional development
The European Consortium of Innovative Universities - Challenging Conventional Thinking
Jan Axelsson (Linköping University)

From Knowledge to Impact: Co-creating the future in a quadruple helix setting
Jan Axelsson (Linköping University)

The Transformational role of the university: societal impact and third mission
Felipe Teles (University of Aveiro)

Joined Up Approach to research and innovation: how to drive increased interaction with industrial partners
Richard Stokes (Dublin City University)

Entrepreneurship and high tech innovation to change tomorrow's economy'
Wilbert Pontenagel (University of Twente)

University-industry partnerships and industrial PhD projects
Carlos Valero (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Good practice cases
Holding All the ACES (Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students) : A Unique Corporate-University Cybersecurity Educational Partnership
Brian Darmody (University of Maryland), Brian Fitzgerald (Business Higher Education Forum)

How to become an entrepreneurial minded university using a bottom up approach
Patrick Link (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

SR Technics, Back from the brink: A collaboration with Cork Institute of Technology’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Management Systems (CAMMS)
Daithí Fallon (CIT Extended Campus, Cork Institute of Technology)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Malcolm Byrne, Head of Communications & Public Affairs at Higher Education Authority

Workshop: IP and impact in H2020 industry-academia consortia: what goes wrong in proposals
Paul Drath (Singleimage Limited)
Workshop description

12:45 - 14:15
Networking area
Lunch & Poster Session
Blended Learning In Future Internet Opportunities
Jan Frick (University of Stavanger, Norway)

Beyond Male Entrepreneurship, An Evaluation Of Women Entrepreneurs’ Impact On Economic Growth In Sub Saharan Africa: Some Lessons Form Ghana
Kwame Adom (University of Ghana Business School)

The European Synchrotron: Working with Universities and Industry
Ed Mitchell (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

University TTO-Law Firm Partnering for Cost-Efficient IP Management
Gregory Bernabeo (Saul Ewing, LLP)

The effectiveness of universities, Pilots to improve university-industry collaboration
Antti Hautamäki (University of Juväskylä)

SINE2020 - The role of neutron science in industrial innovation
Thiry, Marc (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht)

University Based Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Evidence from the EU Framework Programs
Zsolt Bedő (University of Pécs)

Bridging Local and Global Innovation Ecosystems –Impact of International Accelerator Programs on Polish and Czech Start-ups.
Tomasz Mroczkowski (American University)

A Study on the Cooperation Mechanism between University and Industry in the Supply-side Reform of Teacher Training in China
Huaying Bao (Beijing Normal University), Wenfeng Huang (Beijing Normal University)

University Business Incubators as Accelerator of Economic Development in Sub-Sahara Africa: A Literature Review.

Study on Support Method using ABM for Interdisciplinary Research Teams
Haruhiko Maenami (Tottori University)

Governance of the third mission at the micro-level: exploring the role of department heads in managing cooperative study programs
Benjamin Schiller (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart)

New Compentence for SMEs
Anni Kallio (Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI)

Enhancing effective dissemination of RDI information between companies and universities of applied sciences in Finland
Anne Kärki (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences)

Smart HEI-Business Collaboration
Anneli Kakko (JAMK University of Applied Sciences)

14:15 - 15:45
Parallel tracks
Scientific: Educating the leaders, researchers and employees of tomorrow
Employability and graduate work readiness: Developing a tailored approach to social and emotional competency development in final year undergraduate students
Ailish Jameson (ITB)

Leveraging global competencies for employability – a graduate employer perspective
Diana Cvitan (Fairleigh Dickinson University), Patrice Twomey (University of Limerick)

Fostering Entrepreneurial Attitudes Through Transdisciplinary Team Work
Franziska Brodack (Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation), Anna Sinell (Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation)

Investigating the influence of I&E networks on educational activities
Lykke Margot Ricard (University of Copenhagen)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Ingrid Wakkee, Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Entrepreneurship Programme)

Practitioner: Developing more engaged and entrepreneurial universities
Implementing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Stuttgart Media University
Alexander Roos (Hochschule der Medien)

University Centric Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - A Case Study
Scott Inwood (University of Waterloo)

Strategies and Best Practices for Growing and Maintaining a Vibrant and Robust University Drive Start-Up Ecosystem
Lisa Mueller (Michael Best)

Towards a New Generation of Universities in Georgia: Emerging Entrepreneurial Model University in the Developing Context
Nino Dvalidze (Ilia State University)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Irene Sheridan, Head of CIT Extended Campus at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT Extended Campus)

Practitioner: Teaching and incentives for university staff
Developing incentives for societal collaboration for a university
Charlotte Emlind Vahul (Chalmers University of Technology), Angela Hillemyr (Chalmers University of Technology)

Case Studies on Teachers’ and Students’ roles in University-Business Collaboration
Thomas Baaken (Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre)

Enabling Successful University-Business Collaborations: Working with Industry Training for Faculty
Rebecca Robinson (Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization)

How to develop a robust system at a university that strategically develops collaboration with society - is there such a thing as bad collaboration?
Viktoria Mattsson (Luleå technical university)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Vivienne Patterson, Head of Skills and Engagement at Higher Education Authority (Skills and Engagement)

Next practice pitches
Innovation Environments
Elad Levin (Perkins+Will)

The collaborative power in transforming KTH Södertälje – a unique initiative comprising university, industry and politics
Kristina Palm (KTH), Ingrid Kihlander (KTH)

Can Impact Investing be used to Fund Science?
Brendan Ring (Trinity College Dublin. AMBER)

'Innovation Outreach' - Widening Participation of SMEs in University R&I
Stefanie Thorne (University of Suffolk)

Sorbonne Paris Cité Innovation-Transfer Initiative
Costa de Beauregard Gabrielle (Sorbonne Paris Cité)

Transversal Skills: - Identification, quantification, assessment and optimisation to improve workforce employability.
Michael Ahern (Institute of Technology Tallaght)

Student Research to Create Academic-Municipal-Industrial Partnerships: Attracting Chinese Investment in America’s Rustbelt
Glen Brodowsky (California State University San Marcos)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Cameron McCoy, AVP at Lehigh University (Office of Economic Engagement)

Workshop: Success Factors for Strategic Industry-University Collaboration
Lars Frolund (Visiting Innovation Scholar & Fulbright Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Max Riedel (Senior Consultant, Siemens AG)
Workshop description

Workshop/Session: Learning from entrepreneurial experience
Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure: The RESTART Project
Thorsten Kliewe (UIIN)

15:45 - 16:15
Networking area
Coffee & networking break
16:15 - 17:45
Parallel tracks
Scientific: Governance and management in UBC
Enhancement of the next generation of Competence Centre Programmes (CCPs)
Otto Starzer (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency)

Do scientists differ in their expectations towards technology transfer offices? – Adjusting university services to specific groups of scientists
Szabolcs Prónay (University of Szeged), Norbert Buzás (University of Szeged)

Contracting for Innovation: The Governance of University-Industry Partnerships
Steven Casper (Keck Graduate Institute)

Increasing the effectiveness of RIS3 implementation through university-to-industry interactions.
Mark Boden (European Commission Joint Research Centre), Ninetta Chaniotou (Kainuun Etu Oy)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Victoria Galan-Muros, Marketing and Communication Director at University Industry Innovation Network (Marketing and Communication)

Practitioner: Knowledge and technology transfer
Best Practices in Small TTO Offices: USA-Canada-Europe perspectives
Tom Withnell (University of Vienna), Rodney Ridley (WIlkes University)

The Role of University-based Proof-of-Concept Centers in Building Robust Innovation Ecosystems
Andrew Maas (Louisiana State University)

Some Observations on Three Decades of Industry-Academic Collaboration at Alkermes & Elan
Richie Paul (Alkermes Pharma Ireland Limited)

The National IP Protocol - a framework for Ireland's knowledge transfer system
Alison Campbell (Knowledge Transfer Ireland)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Yatin Karpe, Associate Director at Lehigh University (Office of Technology Transfer)

Good practice cases
StartMinds: A Platform to Guide Entrepreneurial Students to Real Entrepreneurship
Annelies Schrooten (UC Leuven-Limburg), Ilse Fraussen (UC Leuven-Limburg)

Scaling Up Firms, a Neglected form of Entrepreneurship: Designing & Implementing an Education-Centered Scale-Up Program
Bijan Azad (American University of Beirut), Fida Kanaan (American University of Beirut)

Spark* NTNU - a student-run entrepreneurship initiative. Norway's first broad innovation support system for students
Dag Håkon Haneberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Jan Onarheim (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Lars Frolund, Development Manager at Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer at Aarhus University

Next practice pitches
Mastering Your Employability
Gavin Connell (University of Limerick, Cooperative Education & Careers Division)

Active Involvement of Key Value Contributors in a Community Setting
Runolfur Smari Steinthorsson (University of Iceland)

Innovation: Why Universitites (and Studednts) Can Be So Good At It?
Charles Valauskas (Valauskas Corder LLC), John Ritter (Princeton University)

From innovation to implementation - SME collaboration in student projects.
Ian Bridgwood (DTU Diplom), John Aa. Sørensen (DTU Diplom)

The RCSI Strategic Industry Partnership Seed Fund
Seamus Browne (RCSI)

HubLinked : Strengthening Europe’s Software Innovation Capacity
Deirdre Lillis (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Practice School model: An effective platform to develop university-industry linkages
Montira Nopharatana (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi), Papapit Hirunsirisawat (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Jean-Pierre Segers, dean PXL-Business & chairman StudentStartUP / PXL Innovative Entrepreneurship at PXL University College (Business)

Workshop: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Six Characteristics

Workshop description

Workshop: Organisational change - how do I make it happen? The nudge approach.
Sanae Okamoto-Barth (UIIN), Jochen Barth (UIIN)
Workshop description

17:45 - 18:30
Keynote speech

Sherry Coutu
Serial tech investor; Founder and Chair, Scale-Up Institute
18:30 - 19:00
Bus transport to Conference Dinner
19:00 - 24:00
Social activity
Conference dinner at Guinness Storehouse
Time Session
8:30 - 8:50
Networking area
Warm-up coffee
8:50 - 9:20

Professor Todd Davey
‎Project Director of the State of University-Business Cooperation
9:20 - 10:30
Panel discussion

Julie Wagner
Co-director of the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking at the Brookings Institution

Dr. Kees Eijkel
Director Strategic Business Development of the University of Twente and Director of the Kennispark Twente

Dr. Paul Salvini
Chief Executive Officer of Accelerator Centre and Associate Vice-President of University of Waterloo

Moderated by

Jacyl Shaw
Director of Engagement, Carlton Connect Initiative, University of Melbourne
10:30 - 11:00
Coffee & networking break
11:00 - 12:30
Scientific: University-Business Cooperation: insights from different regions
Cross-border collaborations between science and SMEs: Empirical findings and strategic considerations illustrated by the example of the Saxon-Czech border region
Grit Krause-Juettler (TU Dresden, CIMTT)

What makes a university engaged? Results of a major study of European higher education institutions
Todd Davey (Munich Business School), Arno Meerman (UIIN), Victoria Galan Muros (OECD)

Contribution Of Universities To RIS3 Through Cross-Border Collaborations
Eskarne Arregui-Pabollet (European Commission)

Who benefits from university owned research infrastructure? The experience from the Baltic Sea region
Lauma Muizniece (University of Latvia)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Norbert Buzás, Associate Professor at University of Szeged (Faculty of Medicine)

Practitioner: Employability skills - Entrepreneurship and innovation
Towards Entrepreneurial Engineering – A Practical Approach to Stimulate Competitiveness of Machine Industry
Petri Pohjola (Tampere University of Applied Sciences), Hanna-Greta Puurtinen (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

The Delicate Dance – Delivering Scale and Quality in Work Integrated Learning.
Colm Cunniffe (University of Limerick), Patrice Twomey (University of Limerick)

Internship program at Itaipu Technology Park - Paraguay: Successful experience in the engineering field.
Gustavo Riveros-Godoy (Itaipu Technology Park)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Jochen Barth, Director for Employability at University Industry Innovation Network

Practitioner: Creating an innovative and entrepreneurial society
Making sense of innovation policies at different levels of 'region'
Siep Littooij (Saxion UAS)

Civic Engagement in Dublin Docklands: Considerations for National College of Ireland
Deirdre Bane (National College of Ireland)

MIT's Approaches to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education
Sarah-Jane Maxted (MIT)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Johan Blaus, Partner Manager strategic partnership at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)

Good practice cases
DIT Hothouse - Incubation in Action
Anthony Buckley (Dublin Institute of Technology), Thomas Flanagan (Hothouse - Dublin Institute of Technology)

Implementation of research results – a university-industry collaboration towards a sustainable society
Jenny Forshufvud (Chalmers Industriteknik CIT)

Building a Culture of Knowledge Transfer at RCSI
Aoife Gallagher (RCSI)

Springboard: Developing talent, changing lives
Vivienne Patterson (Higher Education Authority)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Troels Jacobsen, Director of Research and Innovation at Universitetet i Stavanger

Next practice pitches
Increasing engagement with students through the lens of Corporate Social Responsibility
Michael MIles (Microsoft), Bill Pardi (Microsoft)

Promoting technology-based startups and spin-offs from University-Industry-Government interactions. An agile and flexible framework from the Itaipu Technological Park.
Fabio López-Pires (Itaipu Technological Park), Ariel Guerrero (Itaipu Technological Park)

From Classroom to Clashroom
Ulla Haahr (Business Academy Aarhus), Jesper Nørskov (Business Academy Aarhus)

Role Reversal: When the Mentor Becomes the Student
Vincent Maher (Iona College)

Developing higher dual type education in Hungary
Eszter Kókai (Pallasz Athéné University)

Center for cooperation between higher education and the industries at the Széchenyi István University in Győr
Réka Barabás (Széchenyi István University), Zsolt Révi (Széchenyi István University)

Research-Industry Internships as a first step to launching new public-private collaborations
Mathieu Tilquin (Tec21)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Kathryn Anderson, Deputy Director at Flinders University of South Australia (New Venture Institute)

Workshop: What does it take to build an innovation district?
Jacyl Shaw (University of Melbourne), Julie Wagner (The Brookings Institution), Brian Darmody (University of Maryland College Park)
Workshop description

12:30 - 13:45
Lunch & Poster Session
A longitudinal study on Inter-regional Collaboration: the eDIGIREGION story
Mandy Lalrindiki (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Comparative analysis of National Innovation System in Germany and Brazil
Gustavo Melo (Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK / Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

Preparing engineering doctoral researchers for a career in industry: the Phds Enhanced for Prospects erasmUs Plus (PEP UP) approach
John Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin)

Post-Graduates Perspectives on Internships Roles in Preparing Graduates for the Industry’s Workforce Demands
Ali Chamkha (Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University), Rania Sinno (Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University)

The quintuple helix approach to co-design the best framework for a policy dialogue on Research and Innovation on Euro-Mediterranean food, water and energy common societal challenges through the setting of a Nexus Think Tank
Mihai Melonari (Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre)

Seven Steps to Start Up: An Approach to Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Small Universities of Applied Sciences
Gabriele Permoser (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences)

Geoscience in Ireland: an example of successful Industry-Academic-Government research programmes
Aoife K. Braiden (Geological Survey Ireland)

Flirting Instead Of Marriage – Study On The Barriers Of Deepening University-Business Collaboration
Szabolcs Pronay (University of Szeged), Sandor Huszar (University of Szeged), Norbert Buzas (University of Szeged)

A New Index For Measuring The Effort On Technology Transfer In An Agro-Food Research Institute
Mireia Molins Folch (IRTA)

Beyond University-Industry-Interaction: Enhancing transfer through a Quadruple Helix approach
Anna Sinell (Fraunhofer IAO)

Entrepreneurial outcomes of a 9-month-long space engineering design course
Heikki Immonen (Karelia University of Applied Sciences)

Experiments and Labs as assignment for collaboration between Industry and University
Jens Boelsmand (University College North of Denmark)

Understanding the relationship between academic research activities and local development: a comparative analysis of three European universities
Laura Ciucci (University of Corsica)

13:45 - 15:15
Scientific: Driving innovation through collaboration
Rigor, relevance, funding and qualifications – the catch 22 of Collaborative research
Jenny Bäckstrand (Jonkoping University)

Integrating Social Capital Theory with Technology Transfer Theory to Explore University-Industry Links
Malgorzata Grzegorczyk (University of Lodz)

The impact of Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) on firm innovation: a comparison with universities
Barlatier Pierre-Jean (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)

University-Business Collaboration in a GCC context – Stories of good practice from industry‘s perspective in Bahrain
Annamarie Lawrence (Bahrain Polytechnic)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Marina Ranga, Expert at European Commission DG Joint Research Centre

Scientific: Innovation in universities: Powering the innovation engine
Uncovering the impact of the institutional environment on transfer activities
Anna Sinell (Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation)

The Future of University-Business Cooperation: The emerging trends and issues for UBC policy, practice and academic work
Todd Davey (Munich Business School), Carolin Plewa (University of Adelaide), Victoria Galan Muros (OECD), Balzhan Orazbayeva (Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre)

Educators as Academic Intrapreneurs: An entrepreneurial social networking perspective
Ingrid Wakkee (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Gurpreet Jagpal, Director Research, Enterprise and Innovation, and CEO South Bank University Enterprises Ltd at London South Bank University (Research, Enterprise and Innovation)

Practitioner: Regional entrepreneurship and innovative ecosystems
The revolution will not be institutionalised: the challenge of re-inventing the way that the University creates impact and staying authentic – at scale.
Margaret Ledwith (Flinders University), kathryn Anderson (New Venture Institute)

From Self-Reflection To Institutional Strategy
Karen Vandevelde (Ghent University)

Wetland Entrepreneurship in Making Coastal Cities Resilient
Ye-Sho Chen (Louisiana State University)

Student driven innovation projects at KU Leuven
Marjolijn Burman (KU Leuven)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Ann Ledwith, Director CPE at University of Limerick (Continuing & Professional Education CPE)

Next practice pitches
Digital Demo Stockholm
Johan Blaus (KTH)

CALIN - Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network

When researchers meet entrepreneurs – finding the andragogical sweet spot to catapult commercialization.
Cynthia Cliff (QUT), Heather Alexander (QUT)

University community interlinking plan in the context of good-living or Sumak-Kawsay
Nelson Alomoto (Escuela Politecnica Nacional), Xavier Unda (Escuela Politecnica Nacional)

IATI- a creation of Innovation
Paweł Kućmierz (IATI)

Brokering Trust – Using open science to create long-term partnerships with industry
Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond (Aarhus University), Marie Louise Conradsen (Aarhus University, iNANO)

Toward Entrepreneurship 5.0
Noel Lindsay (University of Adelaide)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Mikko Korpela, Producer / Partner at Business Arena

Workshop: How do we best facilitate students towards employability?
Jochen Barth (UIIN)
Workshop description

15:15 - 15:30
Coffee & networking break
15:30 - 17:00
Scientific: Knowledge and technology transfer: Patenting and commercialisation
The Role of Intellectual Property in Obtaining Optimal Social and Economic Value from Publicly Funded Research in Regional Universities
Helen Yu (University of Copenhagen)

Digital IPR-related Services in Open Innovation Paradigm
Liina Tonisson (Fraunhofer IMW)

An investigation that explored reasons for the current low rate of commercialization of university innovation, with a view to planning how best to increase this activity.

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Tom Withnell, Technology Transfer Manager at University of Vienna (Research Services and Career Development)

Practitioner: University-business cooperation with large companies
Mapping Engagement Interactions between a Higher Education Institution and a Large Multinational Organisation
Rose Leahy (Cork Institute of Technology), Irene Sheridan (Cork Institute of Technology), Daithi Fallon (Cork Institute of Technology)

Stepwise and all-embracing collaboration
Gunnar Widforss (Mälardalen University)

Hackathons, startups & business practicums - the benefits realised when industry and universities collaborate.
Jacyl Shaw (Carlton Connect Initiative at the University of Melbourne)

The Enterprise Partnership Scheme
Peter Brown (Irish Research Council)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Max Riedel, Senior Consultant at Siemens AG (University Relations)

Practitioners: External engagement & dual programs
Universities web-radio: a Web-based tool to improve industries, institutions and academic interaction
Maddalena della Volpe (University of Salerno), Francesca Esposito (University of Salerno)

Mapping University-Business Collaboration in Societal Challenge Fields – Insights from Energy Research at 140 European HEIs
Lennart Stoy (European University Association)

Engaging community interest in AI and Machine Learning
Declan Mckibben (Adapt Centre)

Cross-national perspectives on policies and new university approaches to societal collaboration
Emily Wise (Lund University), Pirjo Kutinlahti (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Paul Coyle, Director at Entrepreneurial Mindset Network

Good practice cases
Future Proofing Regional Skills: A Partnership Approach.
Ann Ledwith (University of Limerick)

Matching Industry Needs With Academic Goals
Carlos Cardillo, PhD (University of Nevada, Reno), Ellen Purpus, PhD (University of Nevada, Reno)

CONREDES, an academia-industry collaborative group in the Mexico-US border
Deirdre Bazan (UACJ)

Next practice pitches
The Leveraging Sustainable Partnerships Conference, Strategically Moving a Historically Black University from Access to Success
Anne Dudley (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)

Regional Action Plan for Jobs

The events happening with the help of University and College students. Consortium Collaboration of an Entrepreneurship Strategy
Minna Tunkkari-Eskelinen (JAMK University of Applied Sciences)

'Lean Startup' The new methodology that is radically changing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education. Case: Nordplus Lean Startup IPW
John Greene (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), Birgitte Wraae (Technische Universität Berlin & University College Lillebælt)

Reversing the “imaginectomy”: building a bridge between research and entrepreneurship to improve drug commercialization.
Cynthia Cliff (QUT), Heather Alexander (QUT)

Government-University-Industry-National Laboratory R&D Collaborations to Advance Manufacturing Innovation
Marc Gibson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

A Bottom-Up Approach to Fostering Collaboration in the Software Industry of Argentina
Alejandra Alvaredo (Manuel Sadosky Foundation)

The session will be chaired and moderated by:
Rebecca Robinson, Director of Economic Development at Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (Institute for Commercialization)

17:00 - 17:15