PwC workshop

Rob Wullems

R&D partnerships, strategy & finance
Public-private partnerships are key to realise R&D and innovation ambitions. Notwithstanding their merits, managing public-private partnerships is highly complex, given amongst others the differential incentives, objectives, and cultures that may exist within such a partnership. Second, Public-private partnerships are important to secure sufficient (public and/or private) R&D funding, which is increasingly important as competition in public funding is extremely fierce nowadays. Yet, little is known about how to best organise access to finance. In this interactive workshop, we would like to hear your experiences and share our experience with you on best strategies developed for setting up, organising and managing those partnerships and optimising access to finance. PwC is specialised in these matters. We have evidence-based best practises obtained from large studies for amongst others the European Commission as well as >15 years hands-on experience with different public-private partnerships ranging from for example H2020 projects, Knowledge Innovation Communities, to science parks and bioclusters. This workshop will provide you with strategic and hands-on information that is particularly useful for senior management and board level.